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With Open Mold Processing, parts are created  by applying gelcoat, resin and fiberglass material to the mold in our well ventilated booths.  Using the very best in MVP equipment, quality materials, and highly qualified staff, open molding offers a good quality parts at economical pricing. 
Fiberglass material and resin can be applied either by hand layup (using fabric cut from rolls and applied by hand) or by using a chopper gun method, where fiberglass roving is run through a chopper gun where it is cut into small strands and "sprayed" onto the mold surface with the resin and catalyst.
Typically, Open Mold Processing is used for parts where thickness tolerances are not critical on the finished part.   Ideal for large parts with smaller production runs.
Open Molding offers good quality at a more economical rate than other methods of production
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