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Maters and Molds are made with a "wide" flange to accommodate vacuum channels and injection points.
By incorporating tow rigid molds, better control on part thickness and consistency is achieved.  When producing under vacuum, all harmful emissions are trapped within the part as it cures.  This is not only better for the environment, but also for the workplace.
Manufacturing using vacuum infusion (either rtm lite or bagging) creates a better part overall by allowing better resin/fiber ratio, better consistency and higher tolerances in thickness.  RTM Lite can also produce a high quality gelcoated finish on the backside of the part. 
RTM Lite is a better production method for smaller parts requiring tighter tolerances.  It is also best suited for higher numbers of production runs.
Bottom Sump for a TDG tank
RTM Lite Produces High Quality Parts with better consitency and thickness tolerance
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