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Using a reusable or disposable bag, vacuum infusion produces a high quality part suitable for medium to large production runs
Similar in process to RTM Lite,  Masters and Molds are made with a "wide" flange to accommodate vacuum channels and injection points.  The largest difference is that instead of using a second rigid mold made of fiberglass, we instead use either a latex or silicone formed bag or a non formed disposable bag.
Manufacturing using vacuum infusion (either rtm lite or bagging), creates a better part by allowing a better resin/fiber ratio, better consistency and higher tolerances in thickness.   While not quite as accurate as RTM lite, it is a good alternative for large production runs.
Reusable bagging can also incorporate a "caul plate" in the event the final part requires a smoother finish on the back side.
Kestrel EV Hood manufactured with hemp fiber
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